About our workshops 

We are not a brick-and-mortar establishment, but rather a mobile business, ready to travel to wherever a creative event is desired. Meaning, we do not have open to the public classes. We only service private events upon advance request.

Our workshops are designed for inexperienced and experienced painters alike. We teach each painting, step-by-step, guiding you to a structured yet personalized work of art!  At the same time, it is an environment in which we encourage socializing and fun! 

Unlike the majority of other similar type events operating, our workshops are taught by a professional artist. Besides leading you through our event's painting, you will also learn the process, technique, and artistry for future paintings.

We provide the paint, canvas, brushes, easels, aprons, table coverings, additional painting supplies, and soothing music, so everyone can relax and enjoy creating their own masterpiece. 

You must provide:






Your venue of choice!


Let us know what date and time you have in mind.


Painters of all experience levels. Each client sets it's own age limitations. We are capable of teaching 8-17 year olds with a participating adult.


We charge $25 per person for the paint, palates, easels, brushes, aprons, table coverings, instruction, and a full size painting for you to take home. As with most service industries, if you are pleased with the service provided, tips are always appreciated. 

The Painting:

We offer a variety of paintings. You pick the painting that will be offered at your event. You are welcome to pick from our gallery of options, or we can do a recreation of a favorite painting. Different paintings are ideal for different types of groups based upon what type of event you wish to have. Let us know about your guests and the type of event you are having, and we will make some suggestions!