Welcome! We are so glad you have decided to delve further into our painting class opportunity. If your question is not addressed here, please do not hesitate to reach out.

We know your guests have many choices when choosing an evening out. Our goal is to provide a complete experience that will have everyone raving and asking for another event.

Your guests will be invited to enjoy a relaxing evening of fun and creativity. We will set the mood by putting on some light, fun music while your guests check in and mingle with each other, purchasing and enjoying glasses of wine and wine tastings. At the start of the instructional period, we invite everyone into the artist workspace. Here, they will be greeted with a fully prepared mini-artist studio: easels, canvas boards, paint, brushes, water, napkins, and aprons. Light music will be playing in the room and light nibbles will be available throughout the evening for guests to enjoy.

Our standard operation is a proven success, but each event is fully customizable to your needs to best serve your guests.


Q: When is a good time to hold an event? 

A: We live in beautiful California. As such, we are lucky enough to hold events year-round! We can do events indoors and outdoors, but for outdoor events, you will want to consider weather conditions such as heat, wind, and early sunsets. You may also want to consider busy seasons, slow seasons, tourist season, club pick-up times, wedding season, etc. Any time of day is a great time to hold an event!


Q: How does an event work? 

A: A standard block of booked time is 4-5 hours. Typically, the first hour is for set up. The second optional hour is for check in, socializing and guest arrival. Followed by two hours of paint class. Then an hour for clean up. We provide basic nibblers and non-alcohol drinks for guests to enjoy during the class.

If you are presenting a special event or need a special format, we can work with your plans to ensure the success of your event!

We have seen this event succeed in many different ways: 

  • Sales booster on slow days
  • Paired with a wine club pick-up event
  • Special preview event for a new varietal
  • Packaged with a bus event/touring company
  • Just because it's fun!

Of course, there are many options for how an event can be structured, and we are happy to work with you on any ideas you may have!


Q: Who comes to the events? 

A: The goal of these events is to create a stronger community among your current customer base, as well as to attract and retain new customers, such as visitors from out of town. Therefore, the vast majority of the guests at each event will be from your existing clientele. You have the option to either advertise to your own mailing list, membership list, and winery walk-in visitors, or you may pass their contact information to us and we can advertise on your behalf. We also maintain a social media presence, and we can announce your public events online and to our mailing lists, or we can keep the event private to serve only the needs of your existing clientele.

We let you as the venue make the final decision as to whether you will allow under age 21 to any event. We will gladly advertise events as 21+, or with any age range that you desire. 

We are open to 18+ at any event. We also welcome ages 8-17, if accompanied by a participating adult. You will want to take measures to ensure that only those of age are able to purchase alcohol, such as offering underage wrist bands. As your employees are serving your products, it is your responsibility to ensure they are not served inappropriate items.

Painters of all levels, from absolute beginner to advanced, are welcome!


Q: Tell me more about your food and musical options.

A: Included in our per person fee, we provide basic nibblers (selection varies and may include a combination of grapes, crackers and cheese, pretzels, cookies, etc.) and non-alcohol drinks. Both nibbles and non-alcoholic drinks are provided during the instruction time.

If you would like to provide more substantial hors d'ouvres or perhaps even a meal, that is when you have the option to add additional cost onto the basic price of the ticket. Unfortunately, we are not equipped to provide these types of appetizers/snacks. Perhaps there is a catering company you work with, or a local eatery that you may partner with in order to provide something more to enhance your event.

Included in our per person fee, we also provide soothing music on our music player, and we can also hook our music into your venue's sound system.

If you would like to provide live entertainment, which is another opportunity in which you may wish or need to add additional cost onto the basic ticket price, you are welcome to invite a favorite non-distracting local artist to play soothing music in the background as a way to enhance your event.


Q: What is the financial cost and financial benefit to us, the winery? 

A: We do not charge any fees to the venue. We do not charge travel fees, set up fees, clean up fees, or any other types of fees. There is no cost to you.

The normal cost for an event is $50 per person. For winery events, we offer a discounted group rate of $35 per person, and we can accept up to 50 people in an event. You will want 1-3 “servers” who can assist guests with wine purchases throughout the evening, as well as clearing used glasses as the evening progresses.

What makes our operation unique compared to others is that you can choose to pre-sell product with ticket sales, thereby ensuring your profit margin and anticipated success for the night... before the night ever happens! You can also pick your ticket price as long as it is above $35 per person, so that you can ensure the financial viability that your venue needs to operate an event.

We suggest offering 1-3 ticket types; too many options becomes overwhelming for both you and the guests.                                     

Sample offerings might include:

  • $35: Painting class    (No advance sales of product. Guests can purchase product as desired throughout the evening.)
  • $45: Painting class    ($35 class + $10 for operational costs)
  • $50: Painting class plus glass of wine or tasting    ($35 class + $10 for a glass of wine or tasting + $5 for operational costs.)
  • $60: Painting class plus glass of wine or tasting and hors d'houvres    ($35 class + $10 for a glass of wine or tasting + $10 for hors d’houvres + $5 for operational costs. )
  • $75: Painting class plus bottle of wine to be uncorked at event plus a second bottle to take home    ($35 class, a bottle of wine to be uncorked at event, a second bottle to take home)

(We will only tell the guests what they are getting, such as what you see in bold, not the full price breakdown) 


Q: How do we, the winery, get paid pre-sale fees, if applicable? 

A: If you have chosen to charge any amount over $35 per person, this area applies to you.

All ticket transactions will occur on a third party website, Eventbrite. This will allow you to see, at any time, how sales are going, and we can also provide you with reports as the event sales progress forward.

Your choice, we can do the payout in one of two ways:

1. Business check on the day of the event upon confirmed advance sales registration or

2. Paypal payment on the day of the event upon confirmed advanced sales registration, with the understanding that Paypal transfers take several days and may require a small fee taken out of the amount sent.

An Eventbrite sales record will be provided. 

How is the fee calculated:

Say you have chosen a $45 ticket and 40 guests purchase tickets. We will pay you $400 via check or paypal.


Q: What do we, the vineyard, need to hold an event? 

A: All you need to provide are the tables and chairs, perhaps lighting, if necessary, for an outdoor afternoon/evening event, and wine service personnel for your guests. You will need to provide a water source and a trashcan.

We require a minimum of 25 guests to consider an event confirmed, and we can currently accommodate up to 50 with full set up. 

You will be marketing the event to your wine club members and to your vineyard general public. You can choose to advertise through your social media pages, mailers, email, etc. We will handle all booking processing through a third company called Eventbrite. This way, we have a papertrail, of which we provide a copy to you for each booked event, for your own records. We will report to you the bookings and ticket sales for each event at the deadline registration date (and any updates you may need after that) so that you can have the proper stock and set-up needed for the event.

We will also market via our social media and mailing lists as well!


Q: What do you, the artists, provide? 

A: We are a husband and wife team. Terry has his BFA in illustration, as well as a Master of Fine Arts. He has been teaching painting classes for over a decade, and teaching wine and paint events for nearly 5 years. When he’s not teaching painting with a paintbrush, he is painting with light using computers in some of your favorite animated films, including the Ice Age movies, Robots, Horton Hears a Who, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Smurfs, and more. Jennifer has her dual degree in acting and event planning. She has pursued national and international theatre including Disney Cruise Line, the international Broadway tour of The Sound of Music, and Laura in the US National tour of Laura Ingalls Wilder. She is also a professional event and wedding coordinator, with nearly 14 years in the professional catered events world.

When we come to you, we bring the tabletop easels, canvases, paint brushes, paint, palettes, cups for water, plastic table coverings to protect your linens and tabletops, aprons for the guests, and soothing music, so everyone can relax and enjoy creating their own masterpiece. We also market your events via our social media and mailing lists.


Q: This sounds great! How do we proceed? 

A: Whenever possible, we prefer to schedule an in-person meeting at your venue. This way, you get to know us, we get to know you, and we get to know your venue. We can discuss your venue’s specific needs, and how we would best fit within your space.

We provide a personal service to ensure the success of each event by both meeting with you beforehand, and discussing the event with you afterwards. Perhaps something worked quite well and we wish to repeat it. Perhaps something needed to be tweaked, or changed altogether. We want your feedback so the next experience is even better!

If you have any questions, or need additional information, please contact us at your convenience.


Terry and Jen






Example paintings to be used for Palate and Palette events.